Getting started collecting necessary items

Please do not judge me too harshly with the order I am getting things together.  While I have support from most of my family and friends, there are some that think I have “lost my mind”.  So I need to start with things I can justify needing now.

After a power outage last year during a blizzard, I am aware that when you live in an all electric home some things are no longer crazy to have.  Hence I decided I would start with things useful to me now, then I have things to move into the van.  A starting point if you will.

  • Camp stove.  One burner will be fine until I can upgrade financially.
  • sleeping bag.  I have blankets as well, so good start
  • cooking utensils. Very basic as I don’t do a lot of cooking
  • porta potty.  While we did not loose water last year, we might next time.
  • Peculator. Have to learn how to use, but coffee is a necessity. Doubles as a tea pot and takes up less room.

After sitting and talking to my sister, it is evident the portable butane heater would be a wise investment now.  We have a fireplace, but a backup heat plan would be wise.

Best thing I can do now is continue paying off bills, garage sales to lessen the amount of “stuff” I have, and stay positively focused on getting the van so I have time to do the necessary conversions.